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About Jeanette Cohen

My art is grounded in a love and appreciation of rural life; my work is an expression of those feelings, hopes and fondest memories. I am attracted to everyday subjects that affect the quality of the vast sky, moving water, rustling trees, and the quiet of meadows -- and, this has been my focus recently.

I am captivated by how light plays on the subject, as well as the ever changing shadows, colors, and shapes that occur as the day progresses. My intent is to create a sense of peace, serenity and resolve for both myself and the viewer.​

I work with a limited color palette of 4-6 oil paints. Multiple layers of paint are applied to canvas and allowed to dry between each application, creating a depth of richness and atmospheric intensity.

Listening to the sounds of nature, experiencing the changing light of day and seeing all the beauty that surrounds us helps me continue to evolve and enjoy this magnificent world -- experiencing it through art.

Jeanette Cohen pursued a degree at the University of Missouri before studying painting independently under Charles Kello, Anne McNalley, James Warwick Jones and Karen Blair. She has exhibited her paintings in private galleries and in solo, group and juried shows throughout the east coast.



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